Both holy and primal

“I was stubborn in my pursuit of an unmedicated delivery… People ask me regularly (still!) why I chose to go that route, and I don’t have a good answer other than to say I had a deep, instinctive desire to do it that way. And I’m glad I did: [they] are without question the two most empowering experiences of my life. They shaped who I am and I’ll never forget anything about those passages, when I touched another world, felt something both holy and primal.”

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Things I love tonight

Surviving my first solo parenting day with a toddler and a newborn, my oldest and I re-bonding and her saying some awesome and beautiful things to me “thank you for making it, mommy!” (Re: dinner) and “I had a great time with you today!”, becoming more firmly ensconced in a tribe of amazing mamas who also strive to make the world a better place, my local coffee shop, the way my oldest makes friends with ease and approaches others with such confidence and hope, my newborn taking a bottle for the first time, my oldest giving my newborn her blankey when she kept crying, and holding my children with my hands and my heart.